Hugging Face Assistant: Enhance Your Skills with Hugging Face Assistant

Hugging Face Assistant

If you are looking for a way to create your own AI chatbot without coding, you might be interested in the new Hugging Face Assistant AI features.

This feature lets you build a custom chatbot in just two clicks, using a simple interface and a variety of options.

Hugging Face Assistant Chat Bot

You can choose the name, avatar, description, and language model of your chatbot, as well as the system messages and message starters that will guide the conversation. You can also share your chatbot with others and get feedback.

Language Models Behind Hugging Face Assistant

Hugging Face Assistant is based on open-source language models, such as Llama2 or Mixtral, that have been trained on large amounts of text data.

Hugging Face Assistant
Hugging Face Assistant Chats

These models can generate natural and coherent responses to user inputs, similar to OpenAI’s GPTs. However, unlike GPTs, Hugging Face Assistants is free to use and does not require any subscription.

You can also select from different models that have different capabilities and personalities, depending on your needs and preferences.

Limitations and Future Plans of Hugging Face Assistant AI

The Chat Assistant feature is still in beta and has some limitations compared to OpenAI GPTs.

For example, it does not support RAG, which is a technique that allows the model to retrieve relevant information from external sources, such as Wikipedia.

It also does not enable web search, which is another way to enhance the model’s knowledge and generate more informative responses. These features are planned to be added in the future, according to Hugging Face.


Hugging Face Assistant is a new and easy way to create custom AI chatbots using open-source language models. They offer some advantages over OpenAI GPTs, such as free inference and public sharing, but also have some areas that need improvement, such as RAG and web search.

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